The Von Fitz Design Team

Maria von Hartz


Annie Fitzgerald


Callahan Loftus

Associate Designer

About Us


Maria and Annie love what they do. They approach design with enthusiasm and joy and believe that the process of creating an environment should be fun and collaborative.  The Von Fitz team is energized by the concept that a well functioning space has the power to shape your life in meaningful and dynamic ways.

They begin their design process by getting to know their client -- who they are, what their needs are in a home and, most importantly, how they live. From there, Maria and Annie work to create a environment uniquely suited to their client’s lifestyle.

The overall Von Fitz style merges modern simplicity with a mix of warm and eclectic elements and a dash of whimsy. Maria and Annie share an open spirit that allows their inspiration to come from anywhere... be it an old album cover or a Pucci fabric. They are unafraid to blend high-end contemporary pieces with fabulous vintage finds. This signature aesthetic is the common filter that helps them create relaxed and happy spaces that are as diverse and individual as their clients.